Build your Solar Project in 3 simple steps with Milani Touchlife Solar Energy Pvt Ltd


Solar pumping system have been tested and proven around the world to be cost effective and reliable, and they
are already raising level of agricultural and commercial productivity worldwide. Solar water pumps do not require
any fuel or electricity to operate. It has low maintenance costs as solar water pumps have fewer moving parts as
compared to a diesel-powered pump and thus, chances of wear and tear.

A solar water pump system is essentially an electrical pump system in which the electricity is provided by one or
several Photovoltaic (PV) panels. A typical solar powered pumping system consists of a solar panel array that
powers an electric motor, which in turn powers a bore or surface pump. The water is often pumped from the ground
or stream into a storage tank that provides a gravity feed, so energy storage is not needed for these systems.


  • One time Investment
  • Zero Running Cost
  • Zero Noise and Environment Friendly